Aurelia Belfield

music supervisor | creative producer | playwright | performer | arts activist

PANEL: MTFXR Audio Worlds

PANELIST. Whether listening to a podcast, discovering a walking adventure, or participating in a piece of audio theater in the comfort of your own home, audiences are quickly discovering this ancient storytelling format reimagined through modern technology.

Our next MTFxR event will be a 2-hour workshop that spotlights three creators who are using sound to transform reality through innovative storytelling techniques. They will unpack their projects and share their methodologies and artistic practices. Whether you’re a musical theatre maker or XR creator, this event will provide inspiration for the ever-expanding possibilities of audio experiences. 3/19/2021


EXECUTIVE PRODUCER. PLAYWRIGHT. Discover the many faces and phases of love in this new audio narrative anthology series. Available everywhere you get your podcasts! Produced with Artist Soapbox.

PODCAST: The New Colossus Audio Drama

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER. A darkly comic reboot of Chekhov’s classic The Seagull, this rollicking tale examines the pitfalls of making art and making love in modern day America. Available everywhere you get your podcasts! Produced with Artist Soapbox.


MUSIC SUPERVISOR. Join Ed Ayers, award-winning historian and co-host of the hit podcast BackStory, as he travels to places that define the most misunderstood parts of America’s past. Visit sites Americans struggle to discuss and learn from National Park Service interpreters, museum educators, and cutting-edge guides how they engage a diverse public with the fullness of our nation’s history. Produced by Field Studio Films

Aurelia Belfield is a seasoned creative professional with over a decade of experience in the arts and entertainment industry.

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